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    Cohoctah Township is located at the Northwest quadrant of Livingston County. It is the largest farming community in the county and is very rural in nature.

    The quaint burgs of Oak Grove, Cohoctah, and Cohoctah Center, and the Nazarene Campground are the only population centers within the township. Cohoctah was, at one time, a stop on the Howell to Linden stage route. A grain elevator, Post Office, and a gas station are located in Cohoctah.

    The population of Cohoctah based upon the 2000 Federal Census was 3,394 individuals.

    Cohoctah Township is a part of the Howell Area Fire Authority. The Cohoctah fire substation is located at Oak Grove Road and Chase Lake Road.

    The burg of Cohoctah hosts an annual 4th of July parade and is the only parade in the county that can be seen twice, one time through and back again.

    The township board, in anticipating the township's future growth needs, recently purchased nearly 42 acres of land across from the current township hall. The property can be used for a future township hall, a second fire station, and park land.

    Since the election is coming soon, election questions can be answered and the current ballot can be seen at

    Finally, feel free to contact the township board and let us know what you think of this website and how we can improve it. This site was designed to serve the needs of all township residents, even those who cannot get a high speed Internet connection.